Freeze plug 18mm Kubota

B1-14, B1-15, B1-17, B1200, B1500, B1502, B1600, B5000, B7001, B7100
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Freeze plug 18mm Kubota
B1-14, B1-15, B1-17, B1200, B1500, B1502, B1600, B5000, B7001, B7100
Product description

Freeze plug 18mm Kubota

Diameter: 18mm

Iseki Engine:
E3AD1, E3AE1, E3AF1, E3AG1, E3CD, E3CF, E4CG,


AT23, AT25, AT27, AT30, AT33, AT37, AT41,
ATK25, ATK33,
TA207, TA210, TA215, TA227, TA230, TA235, TA247, TA250, TA255, TA262, TA263, TA267, TA270, TA275, TA287, TA312, TA317, TA538,
TE3210, TE4270, TE4350,
TF325, TF330,
TG233, TG253, TG273, TG293, TG313, TG333,
TGS25, TGS29, TGS30, TGS33, TGS278, TGS338,
TH213, TH233, TH253, TH273,
THS22, THS24, THS26,
TK25, TK29, TK33,
TL2501, TL2701,
TU220, TU240, TU315, TU320, TU324,
3015, 3025, 3030, 5035, 5040,

B1-14, B1-15, B1-17,
B20, B21, B26,
B1200, B1500, B1502, B1550, B1600, B1700, B1750, B2100, B2150, B2301, B2320, B2400, B2401, B2410, B2601, B2620, B2630, B2650, B2710, B2910, B3000, B3030, B3200, B3300, B3350, B4200, B5000, B5100, B5200, B6100, B6200, B7001, B7100, B7200, B7300, B7400, B7410, B7500, B7510, B7610, B7800, B8200, B9200,
BX22, BX23, BX24, BX25,
BX1500, BX1800, BX1830, BX1850, BX1860, BX1870, BX1880, BX2200, BX2230, BX2350, BX2360, BX2370, BX2380, BX2660, BX2670, BX2680,
F2000, F2100, F2260, F2400, F2560, F2680, F2690, F2880, F3060, F3080, F3990,
FZ2100, FZ2400,
G1700, G1800, G1900, G2000, G2160, G2460, G5200, G6200,
GL-4500, GL-5500, GL-6500,
GR2100, GR2110, GR2120,
K-008, K008-3,
KH-35, KH-36, KH-41, KH-51, KH-61,
KX18-4, KX080-3, KX41, KX61, KX71, KX91,
L45, L47, L48,
L3940, L4060, L4240, L4330, L4600, L4701, L4740, L4760, L5030, L5040, L5060, L5240, L5460, L5740, L6060,
LX2610, LX3310,
M59, M62, M100, M105, M108, M110, M126, M135,
M4800, M5140, M5640, M5660, M6800, M8200, M8540, M8560, M9000,
RTV900, RTV1100, RTV1140,

15261-03370, 1526103370, 15261-03372, 1526103372, 6911-129-082-00, 6911-129-0820-0, 691112908200

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SKU TP10042
Brand Iseki, Kubota