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Temperature sensor Kubota D905, D1005, D1105, D662, D722, D1302, D1402, D1462, D1403, V1502

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Temperature sensor Kubota D905, D1005, D1105, D662, D722, D1302, D1402, D1462, D1403, V1502
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Product description

Temperature sensor Kubota D905, D1005, D1105, D662, D722, D1302, D1402, D1462, D1403, V1502

Aste: A13, A14, A15, A155, A17, A175, A19, A195, A30,
Bulltra: B1-14, B1-15, B1-16, B1-17,
B21, B26, B40, B52, B72, B92,
B1161, B1181, B1220, B1241, B1410, B1550, B1600, B1610, B1620, B1700, B1702, B1750, B1820, B1830, B2100, B2150, B2201, B2231, B2261, B2301, B2320, B2400, B2410, B2420, B2601, B2620, B2630, B2710, B2910, B2920, B3000, B3030, B3200, B7300, B7400, B7410, B7500, B7510, B7610, B7200, B7800, B8200,
BX22D, BX23D, BX24, BX25,
BX1500, BX1800, BX1830, BX1850, BX1860, BX1870, BX1880, BX2200, BX2230, BX2350, BX2360, BX2370, BX2660, BX2670, BX2680,
F2000, F2100, F2260, F2400, F2560, F2880, F3060, F36820,
FZ2100, FZ2400,
GB13, GB14, GB16, GB18, GB20, GB130, GB135, GB140, GB145, GB150, GB155, GB160, GB170, GB175, GB180, GB200,
GL19, GL21, GL23, GL25, GL27, GL29, GL32, GL200, GL201, GL220, GL221, GL240, GL241, GL261, GL281,
GT3, GT5, GT8, GT19, GT21, GT23,
KB16, KB18, KB20, KB165, KB185, KB205,
KH21, KH24, KH35, KH36, KH41, KH50, KH51, KH61, KH66, KH90, KH91, KH101, KH151, KH191,
KL21, KL23, KL25, KL27, KL28, KL30, KL31, KL33, KL34, KL36, KL41, KL43, KL46, KL50, KL210, KL225, KL230, KL245, KL265, KL270, KL280, KL285, KL300, KL310, KL315, KL330, KL335, KL340, KL345, KL360, KL380, KL385, KL410, KL415, KL430, KL460, KL465, KL500, KL505, KL550,
KT20, KT22, KT27, KT30, KT210, KT215, KT235, KT255, KT280, KT285, KT300, KT305,
KX41, KX61, KX71, KX91, KX101, KX121, KX151, KX161, KX412, KX612, KX912, KX913, KX1212, KX1213, KX1612,
L1-18, L1-20, L1-22, L1-185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L1-225, L1-245, L1-255,
L27, L33, L34, L35, L46, L48, L270, L300, L315, L330, L345, L405, L465,
L2002, L2201, L2202, L2250, L2402, L2500, L2550, L2602, L2650, L2802, L2850, L2900, L2950, L3010, L3250, L3300, L3350, L3410, L3450, L3600, L3602, L3650, L3710, L3750, L4150, L4200, L4305, L4310, L4350, L4610, L4850, L5450,
M95, M105, M110, M120, M125,
M4030, M4700, M4800, M4900, M4950, M5030, M5400, M5700, M5950, M6030, M6800, M6950, M6970, M7030, M7580, M7950, M7970, M8030, M8200, M8550, M8580, M8950, M8970, M9000, M9580,
R310, R400, R410, R420, R510, R520,
RTV900, RTV1100, RTV1110, RTV1120, RTV1140,
U15, U35,
ZD18F, ZD21F, ZD28F, ZD221, ZD321, ZD323, ZD326, ZD331,

Kubota engine:
D662, D722, D782, D902, D905, D1005, DH1101, D1102, D1105, D1302, D1402, D1403, D1462, D1503, D1703, D1803, V1502, V1902, V2003, V2203, V2403, V3600, V3800, WG752, Z482, Z

CX13, CX14, CX16, CX18, CX19, CX130, CX140, CX150, CX160, CX1180, CX200,
CTX13, CTX14, CTX15, CTX16, CTX18, CTX20, CTX137, CTX147, CTX157, CTX160, CTX167, CTX175, CTX177, CTX180, CTX187, CTX200, CTX207,
NX19, NX21, NX23, NX25, NX26, NX27, NX29, NX32, NX35, NX40, NX43, NX200, NX201,

Note: this temperature sensor is located on the head of the engine

31351-32830, 3135132830, K31351-32830, 35-048, 1G498-83040, 1G49883040, 38240-32830, 38240-3283-0, 3824032830, 35820-75250, 35820-7525-0, 3582075250

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SKU TP10566
Brand Hinomoto, Kubota