Cooling system

Cooling system parts for mini and compact tractors

The cooling system of a mini or compact tractor is an important part. The cooling system prevents the engine from overheating. The cooling system consists of coolant, a radiator, a water pump, a thermostat and a cooling fan. The water pump pumps coolant through the radiator, where the heat is dissipated. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the coolant. When the temperature rises, the thermostat turns on the cooling fan, which dissipates the heat faster. To keep the cooling system in optimum condition, it is important to change the coolant occasionally and to check the radiator for wear and leaks.
Thermostat Iseki, TX, TU, Mitsubishi, Captain, Farmtrac, Weidemann, Solis, Satoh
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Thermostat Mitsubishi L2C, L2E, L3C, L3E
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Water pump Perkins 103, 104, 403, 404, Shibaura J774, J823, J843, N843, N844, Mitsubishi S3L3, S4L3, Caterpillar C1.1, CC1.5, C2.2, 3013, 3013C, 3014, 3024, 3024C, 3034
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