Electrical Parts

Electric parts for mini tractors and compact tractors of all well-known brands are available here. We sell electrical parts and electrical parts from all well-known Japanese brands such as Shibaura, Hinomoto, Iseki, Yanmar and Mitsubishi. These are high-quality electrical parts with a long service life. Our electrical parts are interchangeable with OEM parts and meet the same quality requirements. Electronic components range from ignition switches, alternators, glow plugs or lighting. Temperature sensors are also electrical parts that regularly break. Regular testing and checking of the electrical parts on your mini tractor or compact tractor will ensure that the lifespan is considerably extended. TracPartz has more than 40,000 parts in stock and supplies everything from its own warehouse, we also ship all parts and electrical parts worldwide. Many parts on your mini tractor compact tractor work on electricity, usually 12 volts. The power is generated for a dynamo, which is powered by the diesel engine. The power generated is used for lighting, sensors/meters and of course charging the battery. The starter motor also uses electricity when starting, if a mini tractor or compact tractor does not want to turn when starting, this is often due to the starter motor. Replacing the starter motor is quick and inexpensive. TracPartz electrical parts are of high quality and always in stock, from lighting to voltage regulator. Electric parts are available cheaply! Take care of the correct maintenance and your mini tractor will last for years to come!

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