TracPartz is one of the few worldwide suppliers of complete Japanese diesel engines used in mini tractors and compact tractors. We supply the 2 cylinder diesel engine from Iseki, Kubota and Yanmar, but also the 3 cylinder diesel engine from Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Shibaura. The advantage of these diesel engines is that they are used in very different machines, such as aggregates, boats, sloops, pumps and cooling engines. Here you are buying a complete diesel engine that has been disassembled from a moving vehicle. Usually they come from Japan, where they have been used for driving in rice fields and have averaged about 300-500 operating hours. The engines are in original condition and not overhauled, they are of course working well. The diesel engines of these Japanese major brands are known for their reliability. All engine blocks and complete diesel engines are tested on arrival, so we can be sure that the engines do not produce smoke and have no problems. We do this with every engine! It is important that you always provide the engine with the correct cooling, even during the test run! Always ensure the correct cooling or replace your radiator and water pump in time to prevent problems. It is recommended to replace it immediately, especially when installing and removing an engine. In many cases, a used engine provides a cheaper solution than when an engine is overhauled, when placing a used engine from Yanmar, Iseki, Kubota or Komatsu you will often see that it is ready quickly. In addition, it often happens that the engines of certain brands are also installed in other machines, especially ships and pumps often have compact Japanese diesel engines. This is due to the well thought-out technology and the simplicity of the system. Mini tractors and compact tractors also use these diesel engines, of course. Any questions about the motors and delivery, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We ship the complete engines worldwide with UPS. The diesel engines for mini tractors and compact tractors are shipped to all countries!

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