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Kubota Z600 Engine

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Kubota Z600 Engine
Product description

Kubota Z600 Engine


Our engines are all used and in original condition, so not overhauled.


They have been used rice harvesters and rice planters from Japan and have approx. 300 to max. 500 working hours. In Japan they are used only a few times a year in the rice fields for Harvesting and planting.

Type motor

The engine type/model starts with a letter or a digit. For example, A1234, or 3A1234. Then often followed by another combination of numbers or letters. The first series is the engine type/model itself, the second range indicates something about the application. For example, an engine can fit in a tractor, but also in a mini excavator, cooling engine or generator. In principle, many engines are in the base the same but there may be difference in the inlet and exhaust manifold. For a tractor there is a recess for the oilpan, for example, this does not apply to a mini excavator. The exhaust, the regulator or the oil pump can also be in a different location. In this case, if you intend to replace your engine, things will need to be transferred from the old engine. Important to know that base engine never differs


Our engines are thoroughly tested. So we know if the engine is still in good working condition and whether it runs well, no smoke or rattles. Guarantee we can only give if the engine is installed by ourselves. The reason is that the installation of another engine must be done carefully and thoroughly, if not so, it could harm the engine and might end with unrepairable damage

What we stand for.

Because of our years of experience in used engines, we know after two or three runs of the engine in which condition the engine is. We do our atmost to test them as best we can. It does not make sense for you and for us to deliver an engine that does not run well or is broken with all the consequences.If for whatever reason you are not satisfied let us know and we will always try to find a good solution, because we are keen on happy customers

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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