Crankshaft seal Kubota B5001, B7000, B-10, XB-1, XB-1D, B1400, B1500, B1402, B1502, B1-15, B1600, B1-16, B1702, B1-17

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Crankshaft seal

This crankshaft seal is used in the front or rear, this depend on the type, therefore see dimensions in the photos

B-10, B1-15, B1-16, B1-17,
B-10, B1200, B1400, B1402, B1500, B1502, B1600, B1702, B5000, B5001, B7000, B7001,
GL19, GL21, GL23, GL25, GL200, GL201, GL220,
GT19, GT21, GT23,
GV1120, GV1160, GV3100, GV3120, GC3150, GV-3170, GV3200, GV3240, GV3250,
KH1-10, KH-18L, KH-28L, KH-60H, KH-66, KH-90, KH-91, KH-101, KH-151, KH-170, KH-191,
L1-18, L1-20, L1-22, L124, L185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L1-225, L1-235, L1-245, L1-255,
L175, L185, L225, L235, L245, L275, L285, L295, L305, L345, L355, L455,
L1500, L1501, L1511, L1801, L2002, L2050, L2201, L2202, L2250, L2350, L2550, L2600, L2650, L2850, L2950, L3001, L3250, L3350, L3450, L3650, L3750, L4150, L4350,
M4000, M4030, M4050, M4500, M4950, M5030,
R400, R410,
XB-1, XB-1D

Kubota Engine:
D650, D750, D751, D850, D851, D950, DH1101, D1302, D1402, D1403, D1462, V1100, V1200, V1500, V1501, V1502, V1512, V1702, V1902, V2003, V2203, Z500, Z650,

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SKU TP11222
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